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A G Measurematics Pvt Ltd

location 30, Civil Lines, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667.

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The starting of AG Measurematics goes further back then its inception date of 1993. In the year 1976 Mr Alok Chandra Gupta a fresh engineering graduate from University of Roorkee co-founded New Engineering Enterprises . One of the first product he designed and manufactured was a home inverter and stabilizer. Since then they worked in diverse areas manufacturing testing systems and test rigs including systems for Dams, Missiles, Soil Testing, Test Rigs, etc. Since they were working in various fields our products range got immensely huge and In the year 1993 we decided to established AG Measurematics Pvt Ltd with primary focus on Special Purpose Machines, Displacement Sensors, Test Rigs and Data Acquisition system.

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Address: 30, Civil Lines,
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Pincode: 247667

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