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Aarjay International Pvt. Ltd.

location #948B , 9th Main Road Vijaya Bank Layout Billekahalli, Off Bannerghatta Road Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560076.

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Established Since
Annual Turnover
US$ 4.00 Million
Reseller, Distributor etc
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Aarjay International Pvt Ltd is a diversified technology solutions company with more than 25 years of dedicated service to its customers. Our 2 divisions provide test & measurement solutions, HiL simulators, mechanical engineering consulting & services, avionics systems and automation solutions to more than 500 customers in Aerospace, Defense, Space, Telecom, Automotive and Industrial sectors.

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Address: #948B , 9th Main Road Vijaya Bank Layout Billekahalli, Off Bannerghatta Road
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Pincode: 560076

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Actuators, Linear

Computer Joysticks

Encoders, Absolute

Encoders, Shaft

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


Pressure Switches, Digital

Relays, General-Purpose


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