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Acron Automation Engineers Pvt Ltd

location 105, Himalaya House, Wing-1 Fatima Nagar, Solapur Highway Opp. Big Bazar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411040.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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They are based in Pune, Maharashtra, India and are a trusted and well-known manufacturers, traders and suppliers of Industrial Process Automation & Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines & Systems. They offered products are 7 Segment Led Display, Dot Matrix Display, LED Dot Matrix Display, Jumbo Display Distributed Data Logger, Portable Data Logger, Dew Point Logger and many allied products. They have a huge infrastructure, which consists of a production unit, well-equipped quality testing lab, packaging and administrative departments. Further, we have a talented group of professionals, who are highly knowledgeable and are highly skilled. They strive to meet all the varying requirements of our valuable clients and also make sure that our consignments are delivered to them within the given time.

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Address: 105, Himalaya House, Wing-1 Fatima Nagar, Solapur Highway Opp. Big Bazar,
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 411040

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Calculators, Voice Operated

Data Loggers

Dew Point Monitors, Digital

Ethernet Device Control Systems

LED Displays, 7-Segment

Surveillance Systems, Remote

Temperature Meters, Digital

Voice Command Control Systems

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