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Action Engineers

location Vadasar Bridge (West End) Near Petrol Pump beside ashray apartment vadasar Road Vadodara, Gujarat, 390010.

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Rs 3 mn
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Action Engineers started in June 1987 as the first organized, professional Instrument Engineering center in Gujarat catering to re-furbishing of industrial instruments. In the 90s , ISO-9000 standards were introduced and we successfully met with industry requirements of instruments calibration. Our facilities were then approved by ABB, BHEL, CROMPTON, L&T, IPCL etc. More than 1000 companies are ISO certified with our support of calibration to National & International Standards. Over the years they have expanded our activities to cover entire industrial instrumentation field in Supply, Refurbishing, Calibration, Validation & Training to a One-Stop-Solution to all instrumentation needs of industries. They are now NABL accredited LAB in accordance with standard ISO /IEC 17025-2005 for Electrotech, Mechanicals including Pressure and Thermal instruments

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Address: Vadasar Bridge (West End) Near Petrol Pump beside ashray apartment vadasar Road
City: Vadodara
State: Gujarat
Pincode: 390010

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Calibrators, Temperature

Transformer Tap Indicators

Transformer Turns Ratio Meters

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