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Agmatel India Pvt Ltd

location E-366, IInd Floor, Nirman Vihar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, 110092.

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Organisation Profile

Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 1050 mn
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
More Info
Branches: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Dehradun; Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow ; Dtr for: (1) Tektronix (India) Ltd, Bangalore for Digital Oscilloscopes, Arbitrary Function Generators, Logic Analyzers, Real Time Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Sources, Probes and accessories (2) Rohde & Schwarz India Ltd for RF instruments i.e., Spectrum Analyzers (Benchtop & Handheld), Signal Generators, Vector Network Analyzers, Power Meters and Radio communication test sets (3) Fluke (TTL Ltd) for Digital Multimeters, Digital Insulation Testers, Power Analyzers, Clamp meters, Calibrators, Thermal imagers (4) VTI Instruments for Data Acquisition Systems, Signal Switching and I/O Solutions, RF Microwave Solutions (5) Diagnosys for Circuit Card Diagnostics and High Performance Testing Systems (6) Keithley Instruments International Corp. for Precision Digital Multimeters, Source Measure units, Semiconductor Characterization System, Nanovoltmeters, Data Acquisition Systems (7) Hewlett Packard India Ltd for Laptops/Notebooks, Workstations (8) APC for OnLine UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Infrastructure Solutions (9) WYSE for Thin-Clients (10) GETAC for Rugged Notebooks, Convertibles and Handhelds (11) Autodesk for AutoCAD 2010 (12) Samsung for Large Format Displays (13) Gemalto for Digital Security Solutions like Smart Cards, Tokens, Smart Cards Readers. Mfrs of: Information Kiosk & Panel PCs. Dirs: A.K.Aggarwal & V.K.Malhotra.

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Address: E-366, IInd Floor, Nirman Vihar, Vikas Marg,
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Pincode: 110092

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BGA Rework Stations

Calibrators, Temperature

Card Reader Systems

Computers (PCs), Tablet

Computers, Notebook/Laptop

Computers, Thin-Client

Data Acquisition & Processing Equipment

Frequency Counters/Meters, Digital

Function Generators

Infrared Thermal Imaging Systems

Logic Analysers

Multimeters, Bench

Multimeters, Digital

Network Analysers, AC

Optical Fibres


Power Analysers, Digital

Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS)

Probes, Oscilloscope

Projector Systems, Video

Smart Card Readers

Soldering Stations

Soldering-Desoldering Kits

Temperature Sensors

Touch Control Terminals

Touch Screen Computer Monitors/Kiosks

UPS, Online/Offline

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