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Amitec Electronics Ltd

location No.504, Nilgiri Apartments, 9 Barakhamba Road, Barab, New Delhi, Delhi, 110001.

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Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 100 mn
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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The Amitec group of companies has presence in Defence, Petrochemical and Education sectors. The Defence Systems division offers solutions for Security Forces, Defence Labs and Intelligence agencies by adapting and integrating various products. The division also provides customised solutions and prototype products in areas ranging from 4G LTE EnodeB, 2G BTS for disaster recovery, CBRNE Simulators, IED sniffers, Surveillance Radars, Ground penetrating Radar, Through wall imaging Radar, Mine Detectors, SDR and C4i systems. The petrochemical unit trades in bulk fertilizers like Urea, Potash etc from CIS and Middle Eastern countries. The telecom unit provides customised solutions using state of the art technology for Mobile Network Operators, MVNO, Shipping industry, mining industry, private network operators and small to medium scale deployment in places such as remote areas. The group company Amitec Electronics Ltd. is one of premier manufacturers of Educational training systems and Test and Measurement equipment. The didactic product line includes Software Defined Radio Lab, Microstrip Lab, Mobile Communication Lab, Advanced Wireless Lab, MIMO, RADAR Lab, Antenna and Communication Lab, Radar Cross Section Lab, Satellite Communication Lab, Microwave Waveguide Bench, Transmission Line trainers, EMI-EMC etc. Test and Measurement equipment include Vector Signal Generator, Vector Signal Analyzer, Microwave Power Meters, Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analysers.