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location C-708, Pavanputra Co-op Society, Ashok Van, Maruti Nagar, Near Maruti Mandir, Shiv Vallabh Road, Dahisar (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400068.

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Established in 1985 with a lesser known concept of Indoor Air Purification, Amit Electronics has come a long way since then. These days the same concept comes fitted within some Air Conditioners but still Ionisers are best effective when they are operated independently. Dedicated to Asthma Patients the concept was well accepted as prevention and a tool to breathe healthy and thus remain fit.First to launch this product on Zee TV (Asian Sky Shop) in 1995 Amit Electronics achieved a break through in launching this concept in the common mans mind since then. The giants followed the suit by simply launching their ME TOO products. But the strengths still remain with Amit Electronics as they manufactured Air Ionisers where as Giants were importing it. Certified by Haffkine Institute and various leading doctors, this highly affordable Air Ionisers have been floated with testimonials from the users. Year 2000 saw the advent of Financial Terrorism hitting the Indian currency market with fake Indian currency notes. After dedicating its services in fighting the Indoor Air Pollution for almost 15 years, Amit Electronics expanded its solutions to fight the nuisance of counterfiet currency notes in the Indian market since then, till date.

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Address: C-708, Pavanputra Co-op Society, Ashok Van, Maruti Nagar, Near Maruti Mandir, Shiv Vallabh Road, Dahisar (E),
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 400068

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