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Anuvidyut Pvt. Ltd.

location C-1, Industrial Estate, Ramnagar, -- Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667.

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Established Since
Annual Turnover
50 million
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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Incepted in 1964, Anuvidyut Pvt. Ltd is a leading organization engaged in manufacturing and exporting of electronic equipment which are used in railway telecommunication and signalling. Their product range includes Earth Leakage Detector, Cable Insulation Tester Type, Safe Electronic Timer, Delay Timer, Flasher Relay, Transmission Measuring Set, Cross Talk Measuring Set, Control Office Equipment, Way Station Equipment, Control Telephone and Electronic Magneto Telephone Under the guidance, direction and motivation of their founder member, they have shown tremendous progress in the field of electronic industry. With state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and highly trained electronic engineers, their products are compact and maintenance free. They also have a team of qualified technocrats who can prepare the designs according to the usage and utility of the products so that they fulfill the customer's requirements.

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Address: C-1, Industrial Estate, Ramnagar, --
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Pincode: 247667

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Audio Meters/Sound-Level/DB Meters

Crosstalk Measuring Sets

Earth Leakage Detectors ( For Railways )

Hooters, Electronic

Phase Angle Meters

Phase Angle Meters, Digital

Railway Signalling Equipment

Time Interval Meters, Digital

Timers for Railwlays

Timers, On/Off delay

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