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Applied Electricals & Electronics

location 4367/4, Ansari Road Darya Ganj New Delhi, Delhi, 110002.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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They are one of the established manufacturer of premium quality AC Synchronous Servo motor , Servo Voltage Controllers and OTS Controllers of high efficiency. Being in the field for over 30 years, they understand well the requirements of all their customers and hence they aim to design their range as per their specific requirements. The product quality provide superior performance and dependability at rational price and punctual delivery. Their range of motors incorporates several features to enhance the performance like: Low mechanical noise Durable construction design Precision components Quality inspection They believe that their customers are their foundation of their business and therefore they are honest and truthful in all their dealings and strive to serve their clients with their desired product.

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Address: 4367/4, Ansari Road Darya Ganj
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Pincode: 110002

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