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Applied Electro-magnetics Pvt Ltd

location B-147, Sector-63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301.

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Organisation Profile

Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 950 mn
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc and Service Provider, System Integrator etc
More Info
AEM is a premier company in Embedded Systems & Solutions, they are rated amongst Indias top 35 Small-Medium Scale Companies (NSIC CRISIL, 2010-11). Since 1975, they have done several successful customized projects in high technology areas, adding value over existing hardware/software platforms, turnkey projects & third party product support. Recently they were awarded first prize for Excellence in the area of R&D in Electronics by Government of India & by MOD for Excellence in Indigenization of Defense Stores & Equipment.

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Address: B-147, Sector-63,
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pincode: 201301

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