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Blue Sky System

location A-53/2, Amrit Puri-A, Near,A Block Market, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, 110065.

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Annual Turnover
Rs 15 mn
Reseller, Distributor etc
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Mfr: Anti static & clean room products like: Elastic wrist strap, Metallic wrist strap, Cordless wrist strap, Dual wire wrist strap, Heel strap, Slippers and shoes, Anti static and conductive cleaning brushes, Bins, Boxes, Crates, Component organiser box with 25 drawers, PCB racks, Conductive flute board and all kinds of boxes made of flute board, Two layer & three layer Vinyl mat, Temperature resistance static dissipative rubber mat, Anti static laminate, Static dissipative epoxy flooring, ESD safe work table, ESD safe chair, Conductive castors, Anti static bags, Static shielding bags, Anti static air bubble bags, ESD work station kit, ESD field kit, ESD test equipment like wrist strap tester, Continuous wrist strap monitor, Continuous work station monitor, Access control system to EPA, Intelligent grounding system which automatically controls grounding path resistance, Surface resistivity meter, Static charge meter (analog & digital), Human body voltage checker (analog and digital), Clean room lab coat, Anti static T-shirts (polyesater & cotton), Anti static gloves, Anti static finger cots, Self balancing static area eliminator, ESD training (CDs & posters), ESD audit, PCB insertion aids like Insertion jig, IC lead straightener, Axial & Radial lead cutter & bender, Wire stripper & twister, All purpose PCB carrier for manual belt & chain conveyors, Assembly lines and conveyors, Soldering chemicals like: No clean flux, RA, RMA & Water soluble flux & lab grade I.P.A. for cleaning, Masking tape & compound, Soldering aids like Temperature controlled soldering and de soldering station, Dip & wave soldering machines, SMD soldering systems, BGA repair station, Fume absorber, Fresh mix solder paste (long shell life) for SMD's, Magnifiers like: Flexible arm magnavision deluxe magnifier and hand held magnifier, Video zoom magnifier (5x to 100x magnification), Stereo microscope, Silicon for potting, Conformal coating and encapsulating, Chip bonder, Thermally conductive adhesive, Electronic grade silicons, Insants adhesive, Thread locker and Epoxy, Sealant from loctite. Mg Dir: K. S. Arora; Extv Dir: Wg Cdr: Jas Chadda.