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Canopus Instruments

location 2 & 3, Ground Floor, Vishwas Bulding, Karnik Road, Off Murbad Road, Near Holy Cross Hospital, Kalyan West, Kalyan, Maharashtra, 421301.

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CANOPUS INSTRUMENTS is engaged in the development & manufacturing of industrial automation and process control instrumentation products since last 28 years. Over this period the company has earned a reputation of offering products which are innovative, reliable & world class in quality. The product areas cover mainly Analog instrumentation and Micro-controller based Automation products. The company manufactures Ultrasonic Instruments for Non-destructive Testing (NDT) of Concrete structures. These instruments are widely used for field testing by Civil Structural Consultants all over INDIA. The performance of the instruments is acclaimed to be comparable to the best available in the world with the added advantage of cost and after sales service over the imported ones.

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Address: 2 & 3, Ground Floor, Vishwas Bulding, Karnik Road, Off Murbad Road, Near Holy Cross Hospital, Kalyan West,
City: Kalyan
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 421301

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Amplifiers, Signal Isolation

Concrete Testers, Ultrasonic

Converters, Current To Pulse

Converters, Frequency To Voltage

Converters, Resistance

Converters, Signal

Counters, Length

Data Acquisition & Processing Equipment

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Transducers, LVDT Based

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