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Champion Elcom Pvt Ltd

location F-66,Sector 2, DSIDC Industrial Area, Bawana, New Delhi, Delhi, 110039.

Organisation Profile

Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 80 mn
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc and Reseller, Distributor etc
More Info
Mobile Accessories,Charger,Data Cable,Earphones,Copper wire Road,Self Balancing Scooters,Wire And Cables Power Cords,Nylon Cable Ties,ETC.

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Address: F-66,Sector 2, DSIDC Industrial Area, Bawana,
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Pincode: 110039

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Antennae, Telescopic

Bakelite Moulded Components

Connectors, Audio/Video

Connectors, BNC/TNC Etc.

Connectors, Coaxial

Connectors, Crimped Wire

Connectors, Flat Cable

Connectors, RF

Connectors, Ribbon Cable

Connectors, Wire

Fuse Holders/Clamps

Leads, Audio/Video

Plastic Moulded Parts

Plugs & Sockets

Plugs & Sockets, RCA (TV, VCD, DVD)

Plugs & Sockets, Telephone

Rubber Moulded Components

Television Antennae (Indoor & Outdoor)

Television Antennae, CATV/MATV