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Circuits And Controls

location 22/F/1, Bhattacharya Para Lane, Baranagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700036.

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Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 6 mn.
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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The firm was started by two young graduate electrical engineers way back in 1968 with the first job of design and consultation for Indias first indigenous electrostatic coated abrasive plant and successful commissioning. Then the company made many such complete plants later on turn-key basis. S BanerjeeThe firm also manufactures different types of electronic relays for industrial purposes in its electronic works. These relays are mainly used in control of machine tools, chemical plants, cranes, and other industrial applications. Also industrial electronic controls, such as, thyristor converters, industrial inverters, high voltage variable frequency power supplies, etc. are some items worth mention.

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Address: 22/F/1, Bhattacharya Para Lane, Baranagar,
City: Kolkata
State: West Bengal
Pincode: 700036

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