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Compact Systems Pvt Ltd

location 167, ELDAMS ROAD 105, ELDAMS SQUARE TEYNAMPET,CHENNAI Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600018.

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About us: COMPACT SYSTEMS PVT LTD is founded and headed by bits pilani graduates and COMPACT is a 23 year old brand in the country. It is head quartered at delhi with production facility at Himachal Pradesh. We offer a wide range of UPS from power ratings 1000 VA to 120 KVA catering to all segments right from SOHO to Corporate. We also offer precision power conditioners from 5 to 200 kva - an american company product offering We have close to 150 channel partners, as well as service partners across the country. We are a prefered UPS vendor for close to 120 corporates in the country. We also provide multi-vendor UPS support to 7 major corporates in the country supporting their entire installed base of power conditioners and UPSs nationally. Our esteemed customers have entrusted their critical power management requirements. BHEL, ITC, ASHOK LEYLAND, IFF, CANON, TATA PROJECTS, NIKSON, NET4INDIA, SPYRANCE, COVANSYS, SOUTHERN RAILWAY and more. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT : SLA: We promise a response/resolution time of 8-16 hours from the time of receipt of call from your office for distance upto 40 km . 16/24 hours for distance upto 150 km. 24/32 hours for distance beyond 150 km. Further mobile nos of atleast 3 Customer support executives would be given to you for service after office hours and in case of emergency. We promise that we will strive to deliver very close to 99.99% uptime for your IT DEPLOYMENT. We are more than keen to contribute to your business success. Please visit us at

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City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Pincode: 600018

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