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Creative Electronics

location 986/20/5B, G. I. D. C., Makarpura, Diamond Park, Vadodara, Gujarat, 390010.

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We manufacture wide range of inductive proxy sensors, magnetic, capacitive ,optical line guides . Special purpose i/o cards, Micro controller based controller for packaging machines. Proxy ranges from M8 to M40 & also magnetic pick-up sensor & sophisticated mark sensor. Drilling CNC m/c control with computer, web inspection system with machine vision camera, image matching system with two m/c vision camera. Develops intelligent sensors like mark sensor NTC 727 and other allied industrial electronics products. Such indigenous developed technology is competing with international standards. Firm is developing custom sensors for more than 25 years (1991). It also caters to custom projects need for Industrial automation . Designs and develops solutions for Packaging, Pharma ,Printing ,Ceramic & power generating plant industry . Has manufacturing plant at Vadodara, Gujarat.

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Address: 986/20/5B, G. I. D. C., Makarpura, Diamond Park,
City: Vadodara
State: Gujarat
Pincode: 390010

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Battery Eliminators/Power Packs

Counters, Microcontroller Based

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Photocell Switches

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