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Crescent Agencies Pvt Ltd

location No.102, Bussa Udyog Bhavan, T.J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400015.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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Branch: 9-N, Munshilal Bldg, Connaught Circus, New Delhi 110001 (Ph: 011-3312595). Mfr: PCB curing machine (oven), Photo resist DIP coating machine, Dye-developing machine, Double sided U.V. Exposure unit, Proto-etch etching machine, PCB drilling machine, PCB artwork film maker, Roller tinning machine, Compact PCB camera, PTH plating unit, Dry film laminator, Dry film developing/stripping machine, Oscillating (ammonical) spray etching machine, Spin coater, U.V. curing machines, Tin plating unit, Copper plating unit and PCB holders. Dtr for: 1) Cresent Graphics Pvt Ltd, for PCB prototyping and fabrication labs; . (2) Bishop Graphics Inc, USA for PCB design products; (3) Berkshire, USA for Clean room wipes/stationery; (4) Dycem Ltd, UK for Clean room dust trapping mats; (5) Tiger Vac, Canada for Clean room vaccum cleaners; (6) Pearce Stainless, Canada for Clean room furniture; (7) Micronova, USA for Clean room (mops, cleaning detergents, tapes, carts); (8) EIT, USA for UV radiometers and monitoring systems; (9) Folex Film System, Switzerland for PCB diazo films. CEO: Gautam M. Joshi.

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