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Divya Enterprises

location 53/2, Between 5th & 6th Main City Engineering College Road, Kuvempunagar, Doddakalasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560062.

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We provide high quality wire harnessing solutions to OEM and re-seller customers across a vast spectrum of the industry. With over a decade of experience and stringent quality standards to go with, it is but natural that we have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing, making us a front runner in the industry today.We supply Wire to Wire connector cable assembly, PCB Connector cable assembly, Flat cable assembly, Round cable assembly to various electronic equipment manufacturers, Automobile Industries and Computer Manufacturers.

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Address: 53/2, Between 5th & 6th Main City Engineering College Road, Kuvempunagar, Doddakalasandra,
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Pincode: 560062

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