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Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd

location A-19, 1st Floor, Gali No-3, Near Bank of India, Maharaja Banquet Hall Opp.V3S Mall Laxmi Nagar New Delhi, delhi, 110092.

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56 cr.
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We Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is the Subsidiary of Easy Solar Group Company (Established Since 2000) Registered as an exclusive entity for Alternate Renewable Energy Mean Easy Solar is a 100% Solar Company, Which means it focuses completely on Solar and its Applications, by the grace of god it is R&D efforts translate into better, more user friendly solutions a across India and the world. Easy Solar Group strongly believes that success is a continuous phenomenon by benchmarking ourselves with the best business practice followed globally, we look forward to a brighter future brought to life by growing possibilities. Rated as one of the fastest growing Business Conglomerates of India. The Easy Group has been a front Runner in delivering innovative and Customized Solutions. Easy Solar Group continues grow in terms of quality products, benefits, market share & customers retention, today easy solar group is conglomerate consisting of diverse products such as Solar Photovoltaic products as Solar Power Generator, Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Modules, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Lantern, Solar Home Lighting System and Solar Thermal means Solar Water Heating System, Solar Swimming Pool Heating System and other Energy Saving Products as Led Bulb, Led Tube Light and Power Products as Inverter, Charge Controller, Battery, U.P.S and Power Conditioning unit etc. Our objective is to accomplish our goals, to deliver our service as per our quality, policy and execute the job in a professional manner , we are attracted to procure challenging short notice jobs having exposure to the International Standards with all Approvals as MNRE, IEC, ISO, DGS&D Etc. Please feel free to contact us for any further information/Clarification, Thanking and assuring you our best professional Services at all time, we remain Thanking You With Best Regards Easy Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd. Lokesh Kumar

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Address: A-19, 1st Floor, Gali No-3, Near Bank of India, Maharaja Banquet Hall Opp.V3S Mall Laxmi Nagar
City: New Delhi
State: delhi
Pincode: 110092

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