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Electronic Instruments & Devices

location Factory: 484/A2, 13th Cross, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560058.

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Electronic Instruments & Devices, popularly known as ELIND, is a name synonymous to quality. It was established in the year 1980 by Mr. Prakash Prabhu. From a humble beginning, ELIND has risen to establish itself as one of the pioneers in the field of power electronics. As a leading manufacturer of Battery Chargers and Battery Testing Equipment, ELIND has been serving the battery industry across the length and breadth of India for more than 30 years now. Incorporated in the year 1980, ELIND has established itself as a well-known name in the field of microcontroller-based power electronics. From a small beginning, ELIND has now expanded its activities and manufactures a wide range of equipment, which include: -Battery Plate Formation Rectifiers -Battery Chargers (Constant Current / Constant Potential) -Battery High Rate Dischargers / Production Line Testers -Battery Capacity Testers -Battery Life Cycle / Universal Testers -Data Acquisition Systems -Battery Testing Equipment like --Battery Load Testers --Battery Voltmeter / Ammeter --Digital AH Meter / Backup Timer for measuring Battery Capacity / Backup time. All ELIND equipment are made out of the best quality components, assembled & wired by skilled workmen, and tested by qualified & experienced engineers to make them free from any manufacturing defects, thus ensuring a long, trouble-free life. We have an experienced team of employees from various backgrounds to support the different technical needs of the clients. ELIND has a good in-house R & D setup with qualified and trained personnel for product development. ELIND also has a team of technical consultants, who assist in adding value to ELIND products, by developing customized software to meet individual customer requirement.

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Address: Factory: 484/A2, 13th Cross, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Pincode: 560058

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Battery Capacity Testers

Battery Chargers

Battery Life-Cycle Testers

Bridge Rectifiers, Diode

Heat Sinks, Semiconductor

Inverters, Power

Panel Meters, Digital

Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS)

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Speed Controllers, Electronic

Timers, Electronic (Time Switches)

Transformers, Control

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