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Elsonic Santo Corporation

location 12, Queens Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560052.

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Established Since

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Address: 12, Queens Road,
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Pincode: 560052

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Air Speed Meters/Indicators

Alarms, Burglar/Intruder/Security

Alarms, Car Burglar

Alarms, Photoelectric

Anemometers (Wind Speed Monitors)


Battery Chargers

Battery Eliminators/Power Packs

Buzzers & Chimes, Electronic

Emergency Lights/Tubelights

Energy Savers, Lighting Systems

Fence Energisers, Electronic

Flashers, Automobile

Float Chargers

Inverters, Power

Power Supplies, DC Regulated

Power Supplies, High Voltage

Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS)

Sirens, Electronic

Smoke Detectors, Electronic

Solar Power Systems

Switches, Limit

Switches, Proximity

Voltage Regulators, Automatic (AVRs)