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Eltek Systems

location 308, Goyal Trade Centre, Sona Talkies Complex, Santivan, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400066.

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Eltek systems offers wide range of sensors and instruments. Our product range includes Loadcells, Torque sensors, LVDTs and Position sensors, Pressure mapping systems, Automotive test systems, Ergonomics & Biomed sensors/softwares. We have qualified and experienced team of engineers for customer support.

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Address: 308, Goyal Trade Centre, Sona Talkies Complex, Santivan, Borivali,
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 400066

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Automotive sensors

Data Acquisition & Processing Equipment

Displacement Indicators/Sensors

Gear shift force sensors

Human body vibration system

Load Cells

pedal force sensors

Portable pads for axle weighing

pressure mapping systems

PTO shaft torque sensor

Seat pressure mapping system

Steering torque sensor

Tact array sensors

Torque sensors

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Record Updated On: 21/06/2016