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Foretec Engineers

location 4/82 - Edayarpalayam Main Road VPC Nagar Kuniamuthur Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641008.

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Our company is engaged in following activities a. Power Quality Analysis, Solution and Implementation of suitable solution b. Expert in Designing of Passive Harmonic filtering for any type of application c. Energy Management d. Manufacturer of Power Quality Event Generator e. Manufacturer for Power Quality Corrupter for testing the product performance

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Address: 4/82 - Edayarpalayam Main Road VPC Nagar Kuniamuthur
City: Coimbatore
State: Tamil Nadu
Pincode: 641008

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Automatic Power factor panel

Control Panels

Digital Switched Power Factor Enhancement system

Energy Management and control

Harmonic Filter Reactors

Harmonic Filter Systems

Harmonic Filters for Furnaces

Harmonic Filters, High-Pass

Low Pass Broad Band Passive Harmonic Filters

Low-Pass Filters

Multiple Impedance Reactor up to 600 Ampere

Power Quality Corruptor up to 600 Amperes

Power Quality Event Generator

Thyristor Switches for Harmonic Filters

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