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Green World Corporation

location 292, Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700045.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc and Importer
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Green World Corporation was founded in the Year 2006 in Calcutta, India by an experienced Electrical Engineer. The company manufactures Solar and LED based lighting products such as Solar Street Lights, High Power LED Street Lights, Solar Power Plants, Solar Home Lights, Flood Lights, Bill Boards and retrofitting of conventional Lights to LED Lighting. Within a brief span of its inception, the company has its presence felt in industrial circle and has supplied its products to major corporate and Industrial houses besides many rural homes and institutions.

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Address: 292, Jodhpur Garden,
City: Kolkata
State: West Bengal
Pincode: 700045

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LED Streetlights

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Solar Lanterns

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