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Hitachi India Trading Pvt Ltd

location Units 304-306, 3rd Floor ABW Elegance Tower Jasola Distt. Centre New Delhi, Delhi, 110025.

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Bangalore off: #103, 1st Floor, Shah Sultan Complex, No. 17, Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560052 (Fax: 080-22386988; Ph: 22386986/22386987); Mumbai Off: (Fax: 022-28212610; Ph: 28215625). Traders: LCD display modules, TFT display modules, Inverter for display modules, SAW filters, DVD optical pick up device, Microcontrollers & microprocessors, LCD driver controllers, Memory, Linears, OP-amps, Logics, Diodes, Transistors, Mosfets, Thyristors, Triacs, Bluetooth, USB devices, Power diodes, LCD projects and Plasma televisions. Contact Person: K. Morita.

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Address: Units 304-306, 3rd Floor ABW Elegance Tower Jasola Distt. Centre
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Pincode: 110025

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