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Acto Infotech

location Harsh Brij, Akshar Park -1 , Near Kidavay Nager Main Road , Near Raiya Circle , 150 Fit Ring Road Rajkot, Gujarat, 360005.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc and Reseller, Distributor etc and Importer
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Hello all nice to inform you that we are coming new in the market with updated and high-quality product. We have more then 4.5-year Experience in Embedded Product Development and Circuit Design. I have already made much Application which is Help in the industrial and Domestic application. I can give you industrial grade quality.I am working in the field of Internet of things and enterprise mobility. I am also doing PCB designing as per the Clint requirement, Prototyping, and Customize Product development I was doing much product which is helpful in Agriculture, Home Automation, Industrial automation, Home Security, and many things. We have the contract with same field companies to available them quality freelance. I am also offering complete electronic embedded solution in machine controls, wireless remote controls, microcontroller-based solutions, industrial Automation, IOT based solution, SD card Data logger and online Data logger. and I having the much idea and Done A project based on PIC, AVR, cypress, Atmel, Arduino, and Raspberry. so leave your R&d for us and get a Best Quality Product For u. Do let us know, if any way we mutually get benefited.

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Address: Harsh Brij, Akshar Park -1 , Near Kidavay Nager Main Road , Near Raiya Circle , 150 Fit Ring Road
City: Rajkot
State: Gujarat
Pincode: 360005

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Boom Barriers, Automatic

Data Scanners

Microcontroller Based Equipment

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