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Dynalog India Ltd

location 3rd Floor, Kailash Vaibhav Complex, Parksite, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400079.

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Organisation Profile

Established Since
Annual Turnover
Rs 330 mn
OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc and Reseller, Distributor etc
More Info
Branches: (1) Pune (Fax: 020-25678333; Ph: 25631081/66011818 (16 lines); Email:;; (2) Ahmedabad (Fax: 079-26870944; Ph: 26871977/2988; Email:; (3) Dehradun (Fax: 0135-2760866; Ph: 2766576); (4) Secunderabad (Fax: 040-27742992; Ph: 27741122/2772; Email:; (5) Bangalore (Fax: 080-25265930; Ph: 25274390; Email:; (6) Delhi (Fax: 011-26524838; Ph: 26524841). Mfr: Add-on cards, Digital signal processing, Industrial computer, Industrial ethernet/networking products, iX104 tablet PC, Mini computer/microprocessor based systems and assemblies, Microprocessor trainer kits, Microcontroller trainer kits, PCI bus data acquisition cards for industrial automation, Protocol converters, Portable digital X-ray imaging systems, Multiport serial devices, Ruggedised portable rackmountable PCs & workstation for industrial & military applications, Transducer-based prducts, Universal programmer. Supply and servicing of computer hardware & software and peripherals. Chmn & Mg Dir: Akshay S. Adhalrao; Dir-Tech: Shivkumar N; Dir-Mktg: A.D. Kavishwar; ; Bus. Dev. Mgr: Shrikant Wadekar.

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Address: 3rd Floor, Kailash Vaibhav Complex, Parksite, Vikhroli West,
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 400079

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