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Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd

location A-399, 2nd Floor, Sector 47 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201303.

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OEM, Manufacturer, EMS etc
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After 39 years in the test and measurement industry, GW Instek has grown to become one of the most recognized manufacturers of test and measurement instruments in the world. Today, GW Instek offers more than 300 products across five key lines oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function generators, power supplies and basic test & measuring instruments,DC Power Supply,LCR Meters,Hi-pot Testers,Digital Multimeters.. Just like the wide product range, the industries GW Instek serves are as diverse as they are specialized. These include automotive industry, defence & avionics, semiconductor, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics, automation, research and education etc.

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Address: A-399, 2nd Floor, Sector 47
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pincode: 201303

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Frequency Counters/Meters, Digital

Function Generators

LCR Meters

Logic Analysers


Multimeters, Bench

Ohmmeters, Milli-

Oscilloscope Accessories

Oscilloscopes (Serviscopes), Portable

Oscilloscopes, Digital

Oscilloscopes, Mixed Signal

Oscilloscopes, Storage

Power Supplies, DC Regulated

Power Supplies, Dual Channel

Power Supplies, High Voltage DC Regulated

Power Supplies, Linear

Power Supplies, Programmable

Power Supplies, Switched Mode (SMPS)

Signal Generators

Spectrum Analysers

Testers, High Voltage

Testers, High Voltage Breakdown

Voltmeters, AC Milli

Waveform Generators, Multichannel

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