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TLP3406S, Smallest Photorelays

Offers high-current handling and wide temperature range
Toshiba India Pvt Ltd
Toshiba India Pvt Ltd
Toshiba India Pvt Ltd

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Launched: Feb, 2017

 | Manufactured at: United States

In spite of its small package size, the TLP3406S features a very small onresistance and onoff switching of currents as high as 1.5A
Who is it for?
Manufacturers of automatic test equipment, measuring instruments, highspeed logic IC testers, highspeed memory testers, and probe cards.
Why is it for them?
This feature enables it to be used for switching applications in highspeed testers.
Key Features
*OFF-state output terminal voltage: 30V *ON-state current: 1.5A *ON-state resistance type: 0.1Ω *ON-state resistance max: 0.2Ω *Output capacitance type: 120pF *C×R type: 12pF・Ω *OFF-state current max@20 V: 1nA *Turn-on time max: 2ms *Turn-off time max: 1ms *Isolation voltage min: 500Vrms

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