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HyBro 160 LT, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Kit

Put a brake on your fuel expenditure
Hybridtronics Pvt Ltd
Hybridtronics Pvt Ltd
Hybridtronics Pvt Ltd

Category: Embedded Systems  | 

Launched: Mar, 2017

 | Manufactured at: India

Comes with regenerative braking system to convert vehicle stopping energy into electric charge
Who is it for?
Manufacturers of Vehicles
Why is it for them?
The kit utilizes the energy of the moving vehicle as it is decelerated or brought to stop by the driver. Stores it in the smart battery box and uses this energy to accelerate the vehicle next time.It results in the more you brake the more you save fuel
Key Features
*Designed GVW range: 1600 Kgs to +/- 1000 Kgs *Kit components: AC induction motor, Li-ion battery pack, BMS, Gear box, Hybrid controller *No. of seats including driver: 42 *Max engine power: 135@2500rpm *Engine CC: 5900

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Head of Sales

Head of Sales , Hybridtronics Pvt Ltd

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