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A plug that lets you control your electronic device over internet
Energy Bots
Energy Bots
Energy Bots

Category: Plugs, Sockets & Connectors  | 

Launched: Jan, 2017

 | Manufactured at: India

Can be controlled over internet to turn ONOFF a device connected to it and can help track the energy consumption of that device
Who is it for?
End users of Plugs at homes and offices
Why is it for them?
Users can control the ONOFF action of the device connected to this Plug and also track the energy consumption. This can help them save electricity
Key Features
*Available with two different Amperage ratings- 16 Amps and 6 Amps *Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet of your home/office and away *Get hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumption *Define your own custom thresholds of equipment/energy usage *Get notification/alert on your smartphone when usage goes beyond thresholds defined
INR 2,950.00 - INR 3,550.00

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Head of Sales

Head of Sales , Energy Bots

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