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The Virtual Teller Machine

A fully integrated self-service kiosk
Aurionpro Solutions Limited
Aurionpro Solutions Limited
Aurionpro Solutions Limited

Category: Automation & Robotics  | 

Launched: Jan, 2017

 | Manufactured at: India

It is a fully integrated selfservice kiosk for automating 90 percent of banking transactions at a branch.
Who is it for?
Bank Managers
Why is it for them?
The traditional transactional engagements involving a Teller will rapidly shift to more automation and selfservice technologies. The Branch itself will get leaner, more automated with a retail centric ambience that stimulates customer engagement. It helps to migrate routine transactions like eKYC, account opening, passbook printing, cash and cheque deposit, along with personalized instant card issuance and activation.

Contact Details

Sonali Thakur

Sales Head , Aurionpro Solutions Limited

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