Looking For Channel Partners For Lighting Automation Products

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  • - For lighting components like surge protection devices, LED drivers dimmable and non-dimmable. - Smart lighting solutions RF /LoRA based ,and CCMS panels. - Individual light management systems.Street lighting timers,Group digital timers.

  • Devtech M2M, a research driven organization that constantly uses innovative technology to manufacture products that are aimed towards energy efficiency. We believe in creating smart products that are responsive to user’s needs and demands, follow open standards and encompasses Machine to Machine (M2M) technology that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices. M2M is considered an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and is known to bring several benefits to industry and business as it has a wide range of applications such as industrial automation, logistics, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, health, defense, etc., by monitoring and control. A proficient team of technology experts back Devtech M2M, with over 400 man-years of R&D experience in the field of creating sustainable and energy efficient solutions. Devtech M2M products and solutions are based on open standards thus allowing you to protect your investment and infrastructure and allow heterogeneous communication modes and multi-vendor systems and products to be used alongside Devtech M2M ecosystem. With numerous patents under our belt, Devtech M2M is a company that is innovating today for better sustainable tomorrow.

  • - Channel Partner must have back-end and front-end sales force team. - Channel partner will be responsible for monthly sales of min. 25 Lakh