Arrow Electronics India Private Limited

# 244, ‘Fortune Summit’, 5th Floor, Ward No.174, 6th Sector, HSR Layout, Roopena Agrahara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

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Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for more than 150,000 original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers through a global network. The company maintains over 300 sales facilities and 45 distribution and value-added centers, serving over 80 countries. Corporate Overview A Fortune 500 company with 18,800 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across the entire product lifecycle. Arrow does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place, right time and right price Arrow provides extraordinary value to customers and suppliers - the best technology companies in the world - and connects them through the company''s industry-leading services.

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Address: # 244, ‘Fortune Summit’, 5th Floor, Ward No.174, 6th Sector, HSR Layout, Roopena Agrahara, City: Bengaluru State: Karnataka Pincode: 560068 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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