Avyaa Electronics

A/801, Shree Vasudev CSHL, Mamlatar Wadi Road No.2, Near Shree Mahavir Clinic Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

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IMPORTERS AND STOCKISTS We are one of the Importers and Leading Suppliers and Stockists in Indian Sub Continent. We import quality products from Reputed International Brand companies for our esteemed clients. Always On Time and Prompt supply chain is our main strength. OUR PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Capacitors, Fuses, IGBT, Transistor Modules, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, NTC Thermistors, Mosfets, Thyristors, Solid State Rectifiers, Dynamic Brake Resistors, Optocoupler Integrated Circuits, Cooling Fans and Blower Fans etc., INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS TESTED PRODUCTS. OUR GUARANTEE Quality products are our strength all these years. Customers can order the above products in full confidence.

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Address: A/801, Shree Vasudev CSHL, Mamlatar Wadi Road No.2, Near Shree Mahavir Clinic Malad (West), City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Pincode: 400064 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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