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1696/4, 2nd Floor, Mohan Building, Bhagirath Palace, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

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Our History Established in 1995, Connecting Solutions is a leading provider of connectors and cables used in automotive, industrial, and medical engineering, as well as telecom and consumer electronics. Our products include board to board connectors, Berg Strip, Flow Solder, customized automotive connectors, RJ45 with transformers, high frequency cable SFP, QSFP, Mini SAS, Mini SAS HD, Wafer, FPC, USB, Terminal Block. Authorized and Supported Products Connecting Solutions is Authorized channel partner of Global Connectors Multinationals including Amphenol Fci , Radiall and many more reliable brands of connectors. Main Products:- Board to Board connectors – Berg Strip, Flow solder , Mini Jumper, Box Header, Machine Pin Series IC Socket, PLCC Socket, DIN41612、 Battery Holder, CCD Socket, PCI Express. · Wire to Board - Box Header, Ejector Header, WTB headers, CD-Rom Header, ATX Power connector HD Power connector, SATA Connector, SATA Express, FPC Connector, Modular Jack USB Connector, Mini USB Connector, Micro USB Connector, HDMI Connector, D-Sub Connector. · Wire to Wire - Crimping Housing and Terminal, Crimping Power Connectors, Modular Plug IDC Connector, Dip Plug Connector, Box Header IDC, Ejector Header IDC · Wire Harness - Custom-made wire harness, Ribbon Flat Cable harness · Cables - Flat Cable, USB Cable, D-Sub Cable, HDMI Cable, Waterproof Cable, Power Cable, FFC Cable, DC Cable, RCA Cable, Earphone Cable Accessaries - Test pin, D-Sub Metal& Plastic Hoods, Screw, Nut.

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Address: 1696/4, 2nd Floor, Mohan Building, Bhagirath Palace, City: New Delhi State: Delhi Pincode: 110006 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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