Electro Enterprises

Office No 108, 1st Floor, Bharat Bhavan, 1360, Shukrawar Peth, Off. Bajirao Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

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Electro Enterprises is a proprietary trading firm owned by Mr Suhas Medhi. Electro Enterprises started operations of electronic component trading in 1999 with two dealerships in the beginning and after a decade Electro Enterprises have representation of almost all leading passive components manufacturers from country such as electrolytic capacitors, plastic film capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, resistors full range of carbon film, metal film, metal oxide, thick film, wire wound in silicon / ceramic / vitreous enamel, shunt resistors etc, relays and PCB confirmal coatings Today Electro Enterprises is doing business of "passive electronic component" area only. Electro Enterprises is having office in a prime location of Pune such as Bajirao Road. Office is well equipped with all basic facilities supported by dedicated staff. Company godown situated at Talegaon and Chakan to cater the auto customers of Chakan Industrial belt.

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Address: Office No 108, 1st Floor, Bharat Bhavan, 1360, Shukrawar Peth, Off. Bajirao Road, City: Pune State: Maharashtra Pincode: 411002 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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