Friends Industrial Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.

Shop No. 3, Savitri Apartments, Kamgar Nagar, Opp Dr Beck Co. Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra 411018

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2 Crore
We are Authorized Distributor, Dealer and Stockiest of Switchgear, Control Panel Accessories and all types of Electronic and Electrical Goods. We have a very strong presence in the market since 2001, through various brands like BCH, IRI, C & S, ELCON etc. We deal with the products like Silicon Diodes, Thyristors (SCRs), Bridge Rectifiers, PRA Assembly, Capusle (DS), Thyristors (DCRs) and Field Failture Relays. Major Clients: Aceweld Engineers Chaphekar Engineering Pvt Ltd Cotmag Electronics Pvt Ltd Finolex Cables Pvt Ltd Diamond Electrical Magnoly Machine Technologies Ltd Hyundai Construction Equipments Pvt Ltd Products Provided by Friend's Industrial Suppliers Private Limited : Silicon Diodes Thyristors (SCRs) Rectifiers Bridge Rectifiers PRA Assembly Capusle (DS) Thyristors (DCRs) Field Failture Relays Other Products : Automotive Relays General Purpose Relays Power Relays PCB Mounting Relays O/E/N Rotary Switches O/E/N/ DIP Switches FCI O/E/N Connectors & IC Sockets D Type FRC Connectors RMC Connectors Cables CPU Connectors Euro Connectors IC Sockets (6 to 40 Pins) PLCC Sockets (32, 44, 64, 84, Pin) LUGS Metal Grills Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors EC ELMEX PCB Connectors BHEL/ R-IR/ Meltron Relay Modules Terminal Blocks LCD & LCM Displays Burg Strip 7 Segment LED Displays Brands : BCH C & S IRI L. S. PEI Elcon PCA

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Address: Shop No. 3, Savitri Apartments, Kamgar Nagar, Opp Dr Beck Co. Pimpri, City: Pune State: Maharashtra Pincode: 411018 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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