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9-10, Sampanna Building, Opp. Havmor Restaurant, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

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Rs 12 mn
Reseller, Importer
Navatek Systems was founded in 1983 and since then, it has been exhibiting excellent performance, serving a massive customer base spread countrywide. At Navatek Systems, we are guided by a highly experienced team of professionals which helps us understand the exact requirement of our customers, suggesting the required components / solutions for various applications. We are a reputable business house in the industry engaged as a distributor, importer and trader. We are serving a massive customer base spread countrywide. Today, we have established business relations with a number of highly reputed brands such as STARSEA, ESMART, DEC, INCAP, VEPL, BOND, CEDICOM, TROCAD and many more. The product portfolio of our company includes: Electronics Components Full Range of Diodes : Standard / Fast Rectifier Diodes, Zener Diodes, Bridges, Schottky Diodes, SMD as well as Leaded Types. All our Products are RoHS compliant. Varistors Regular Disc types Varisotrs as well as Custom designed MOVs. Custom Designed Products : COB, COG, RF Modules, Antenna etc. Power Transistors , MOSFETs etc. Solder Wire , Sticks, Flux and all soldering compounds Wire Wound Resistors and Rheostats, Import Substitution Resistors Plastic Film Capacitors : Metalized Polyester, Metalized Polypropylene, Fan Regulator Capacitors etc. Electrolytic Caps. : Miniature Radial Aluminum Electrolytic, Large Caps., 105 Degree Electrolytic Caps etc. High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors : HVDC Capacitors, Safety Capacitors, AC Capacitors etc. Heat Sink Compound and Insulation materials Rotary Switches for Fan Regulator Application. Health Care Products Keva Anti Radiation Chip. Security Products CCTV Cameras CCD Cameras PTZ Cameras DVR Cards Stand Alone DVR NVR IP Camera We excel in sourcing and consolidating imported components and provide this service to all the small and medium Industries by supplying in INDIAN Rupees with MODVAT billing facility. We are a quality driven team of professionals committed to source and avail only the best quality products for our customers. To ensure this, we maintain a stringent quality policy. As per this policy, we source the products from reputed international brands only. Over the years, we have established excellent contacts both within and outside India. This has helped us in sourcing best components at the most competitive prices. Our Strength Excellent contacts with national and international reputed Manufacturers India Channel partner appointed by ESmart Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore An extensive range of products and very good sourcing abilities for anything in Electronics Competitive price range Customer driven approaches Sourcing, Consolidation and Logistic consultancy for any Industry Rich experience spanning over 3 decades.

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Capacitors, Electrolytic | Solder Wires

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Address: 9-10, Sampanna Building, Opp. Havmor Restaurant, Navrangpura, City: Ahmedabad State: Gujarat Pincode: 380009 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Capacitors, Electrolytic

Solder Wires