Regency Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.

404, Kartar Mansion, 4th Floor, Tribhuvan Road, Lamington Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004

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Established in the year 1989, we “Regency Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.”, are counted amongst the biggest Importers, stockiests and exporters of a wide range of Electronic Products in India market. All our products are in compliance with international quality standards. These products are procured directly from manufacturers, authorized or independent and trusted distributors based worldwide. Thus we can ensure 100% quality and genuineness of products that we sell . Our products are highly demanded by our clients due to its varied features such as high performance, durability and reliability. Regency brings with it more than 25 years of combined semiconductor market research experience and expertise to the forefront with its products and services. The company is highly regarded in the industry for its understanding of market dynamics and technology trends, its forecast accuracy, and its attention to maintaining excellent customer relationships. Regency Semiconductors is frequently called upon to speak and present its ideas on market trends at conferences and seminars. Quality and Speed : Regency stands for quality and if, if any problems arise with products that we supplied, then the same shall be quickly and smoothly replaced. We always respond to inquiries within 24 hours of receiving the same and thereby converting the same into orders. Transparent Communication : To keep a transparent communication between us and our clients, honestly and meticulous care have been decisive factors in securing a sound market position for Regency Semiconductors. Cost Flexibility : Our prices are definitely very attractive and competitive .And on any occasion if you find our prices to be on higher side then just inform us your target prices and we will definitely try to match your expectations, being direct importers. We can help you in getting good prices and on time delivery for parts if you can wait for some time. Asset Management Services for Excess Stocks : If you have excess inventory of active and passive electronic components, OR if you wish to get rid of you old d/c, leaded / unleaded parts, and then you can always give us a try. We can take spot decisions and can pay immediate cash for your stocks are it any amount or quantities. Cenvat / Modvat Facility : Incase if you are interested in availing Cenvat / Modvat facility then you can avail the same. Our Vision : We help customers develop their energy resources bringing world class capability and delivering it locally. We promote commercial arrangements that are aligned to our customers’ needs, allowing us to deliver more value to the customer while increasing the returns from our most precious asset – our people. Our Mission : Provide a leader in high-performance memories and programmable timing devices; this indicates higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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Optocouplers | Transistors, MOSFET | Transistors, Power | Voltage Regulators, Automatic (AVRs)

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Address: 404, Kartar Mansion, 4th Floor, Tribhuvan Road, Lamington Road, City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Pincode: 400004 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Transistors, MOSFET

Transistors, Power

Voltage Regulators, Automatic (AVRs)