Spectra Connectronics Pvt. Ltd.

52-B, 1st Floor, Chotani Bldg, Proctor Road, Off. Lamington Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

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Established in 1984, Spectra Connectronics Pvt. Ltd. envisioned to become the largest providers of connectors and connectivity solution for the Indian sub-continent. Today, we take pride in introducing ourselves as an accomplished House of Connectors providing Total connectivity Solutions. A continuous, healthy and encouraging support from our customers and vendors is largely responsible for our success. Spectra shares a very strong relationship with all its major vendors for Connector & Cable i.e. MOLEX, AMPHENOL, FCI, PHOENIX CONTACT, KRONE, BELDEN, ALLIED, TYCO, STM, JST, PANDUIT, BAFO, SPECTRA, SPEC-ON to name a few of them and many others of international repute. These relations assist us bring world-class connectors, cables, cable assemblies and connectivity solutions for our customers. We stock up to 10000 connectivity products from varied vendors with a minimum shipping lead-time of 24 working hours. We have a Prime Retail space of 2000 sq. ft. at Lamington Road (the electronic hub of Bombay) and 10000 sq. ft. of warehousing space in Vasai. These have an immense stocking and display capabilities to satiate every need of our customers. Our enviable base of Dealers / OEM's / Walk-in retail customers (to the tune of over 300 customers a day), coupled with an even more enviable base of in-house technical consultants and engineers, we always have TOTAL CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS for every valued customer. We promise quick turnaround times for customers with custom CABLE, WIRE HARNESS and CABLE ASSEMBLY designs. It is not surprising that today, SPECTRA is the largest distribution house for CONNECTORS, CABLES & CABLE ASSEMBLIES in India. We undertake customized jobs for design and development of their total connectivity solutions. Spectra continues to adapt and innovate newer products to continue sharing the wonderful relationship with its vendors and customers. You can trust Spectra to keep you abreast with the latest technological products for many years to come.

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Address: 52-B, 1st Floor, Chotani Bldg, Proctor Road, Off. Lamington Road, City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Pincode: 400007 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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