Sun Micro Invit Pvt. Ltd. | New Delhi

  • BRIDGELUX logo LED: Miscellaneous
  • BRIGHTKING logo Metal Oxide Varistor
    Thermistor: PTC
    Thermistor: NTC
  • DECA logo Connector: Miscellaneous
    Switch: Push Button
  • FENG JUI logo Inductor: Power
    Inductor: DIP
    Inductor: Ceramic Chip
    Choke: Common Mode
    Inductor: Ferrite Chip
  • FRACTUS logo Antenna: Chip
  • HONGFA logo Relay: Miscellaneous
  • HUIYUAN OPTO-ELECTRONIC logo LED: Miscellaneous
  • HY logo Rectifier: Miscellaneous
    Rectifier: Bridge
    Diode: TVS
    Diode: High Efficiency
    Rectifier: Schottky
  • IK SEMICON logo IC: Miscellaneous
  • JACKCON logo Capacitor: Miscellaneous
  • MORNSUN logo EMC Component
    Converter: AC-DC
    Converter: DC-DC
  • Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. (SJK) logo Filter: Ceramic
    Oscillator: Voltage Controlled Crystal
    Oscillator: Temperature Compensated Crystal
    Oscillator: Crystal
    Resonator: Ceramic
  • UCHI logo Thermistor: PTC
    Fuse: Miscellaneous
    Thermistor: NTC
  • UTC logo IC: Miscellaneous
  • VIKING logo Resistor: Automotive
    Resistor: Current Sensing
    Resistor: Power
    Resistor: Leaded
    Resistor: Film

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