Tantia Electronic Co.

No.422, Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

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TANTIA ELECTRONIC CO. is serving electronic Trade & Industry since 43 years with great expertise & dedication by marketing the precision quality components. Our main motto is customer satisfaction. Major quality conscious Brands are associated with us from decades to give better service at no extra cost. At Tantia there is no compromise on quality & infact it offers the best possible prices in comparison with quality. Our marketing range includes Connectors (BNC, TNC, RCA, SMA, N), Euro Connectors, Terminal Blocks, ROCKER Switches (upto 16Amp), Toggle Switches (upto 15Amp), Mini Toggle Switches, FUSE HOLDERS, EDGE CONNECTORS, SWITCHES (ROTARY, PUSH, TACT, SLIDE, PUSH-PULL), Presets, Volume Controls, Attenuators, GLASS FUSES, LED HOLDERS, FUSE INLET Socket, SMPS PLUGS, SOCKETS, DIN Connectors, MAINS CORDS, POWER CORDS, BANANA PLUGS, 2mm/4mm Plugs/Sockets, CROCODILE CLIPS, Terminal (upto 60Amp), CABLE TIES, PCB Supports, CARD GUIDES, ROUND Shell Connectors, D.C. Sockets, A.C. Sockets & many more Electronic Components. We are marketing above products of Companies like ELCON, BKE, CARPO, J-Series, MULTITEC, UNISON, TE, PRIME, VITAL, RAMESH INDUSTRIES, NAMOLECTRIC, VKY, SOLDRON, TECHNO, NOVOFLEX, PESCO, PUSH etc. to name a few. Our products are being used by giants in the field of UPS, INVERTORS, SOLAR LANTERNS, P. A. SYSTEMS, AUTOMOBILES, TELECOMMUNICATION, CONSUMER Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation, B/W & COLOUR TV & are also EXPORTED to EUROPEON COUNTRIES. Apart from the above TANTIA ELECTRONIC CO., a diversified multiproduct company (MPC) provides a wide range of Electronic Products to over 2500 regular Clients all over India & more than 10000 over the counter Clients that have built confidence in our quality, prices & service. Our quality control standards are the highest in the industry. We exercise total control over the engineering and quality of the products we deal. All this make sure that you get the highest quality products continuously. Our delivery record is the best in the industry and that's the truth. We also provide same day dispatch service for certain stock products. "Quality First and Fast" is our philosophy and is backed by the realities of easy access and speedy response. So if you want service, not exc Applications, you can count on us. A large part of our sales comes from repeat business... your business. And we'd like to keep it that way. So we make sure that you get what you want - when you want it - at a reasonable price. We at TANTIA ELECTRONIC CO. provide all kind of Technical support right from the Designing process. We also update our customers with latest technological advancement and future status of the present product being used, so that there is smooth transfer to the new and advanced system without any disruption in the production. We at TANTIA ELECTRONIC CO. guarantee our products and supplies to meet the standard specifications of the product supplied, and in case of any inconsistency found, we guarantee replacement. We at TANTIA ELECTRONIC CO. provide quality certificates, CE Certificates to the customers on special requests. We provide samples immediately, the items which are in stocks and non-stocking items will be delivered within 2 weeks based on component cost. We do keep comprehensive range of stocks at any point of time.

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Address: No.422, Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk, City: New Delhi State: Delhi Pincode: 110006 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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