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Smart IoT based energy tracking device
Energy Botts
Energy Botts
Energy Botts

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Launched: Jan, 2017

 | Manufactured at: India

It Track consumption of energy for lights fans bulbs and any device or equipment operated from the switch board using eBots App.
Who is it for?
Users of Lights, fans, bulbs, etc.
Why is it for them?
They can track their consumption of electricity and then take decision accordingly
Key Features
1) The eSwitch comes in multiple configurations, you can have maximum of 7 switches per Switch Board. 2) Track your equipment energy consumption by using our Smart eSwitch and eBots App. 3) Track individual Switch on the switch board 4) Get hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumption 5) Turn device on or off with the ebots application
INR 1750.00 to INR 5850.00

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Head of Sales

Head of Sales , Energy Botts

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