Aargee Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

L-8/12, Electronic Industrial Estate, (Opp Hosur Bus Stand) Hosur, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635109

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Rs 40 mn
In all manufacturing operations, quality conscious is a prime concept at all levels, which has been taught to AARGEE employees with occasional training. 1. R and D Generates new ideas, develop new products, modify the existing products for quality improvement and cost reduction etc., and make available all the information that are required to produce equipment to meet the customer needs and to take pilot production. Finalise the specification of the components and vendor list. To provide test report formats to record the tests specifications, to get the feed back from the customer service section and to plan further improvement of the products. R and D in Aargee is a continuous process. 2. ENGINEERING Documentation and finalise designs and drawings to the products and incorporating the amendments in the documents as and when it is required. 3. PLANNING AND PURCHASE Finalising and updating list of vendors who are capable of supplying good quality materials and also financially stable to fulfil their commitments. In co-ordination with the production department and sales, plan for the procurement of raw materials, storage, issue and maintain concerned records. Co-ordinates with costing and finance department for the smooth flow of material. Releasing purchase orders/indents to approved vendors. To take care of stores and inventory with proper records to help maintain stores in absolute order. 4. INWARD GOODS INSPECTION On receipt of the materials, verifying the purchase orders and preparing inward goods receipt notes. Making arrangements to check the materials received to the specifications laid down on sample basis or full quantity inspection as per the standards kept. Wherever necessary samples are send to other labs to assure the quality before acceptance of the materials. On acceptance, materials will be send to stores. On rejections, the report will be send to the purchase department with the reasons for rejections for their further action to get replacement from the suppliers. 5. PRODUCTION The production is carried out in varies sections in order to maintain a process in which the quality and quantity of production is met. This means components as well as sub-assemblies are being manufactured / processed in different sections which forms a final quality product. This method of production will not only give a final quality product, but also the employees are being informed to carry out specific jobs at specific places so that, quality is being assured in all the sections and finally forms a quality process. Inspections and testing are carried over in each and every section and the job of the final inspection will be a reduced task as well as the rejections at final stage is avoided. A. MACHINE SHOP AND SHEET METAL SECTION Fabricate required cabinets, boxes as per the drawings provided. Ensures quality finish as per the standards and specifications provided. To maintain the machineries and instruments to the best conditions so that the rejection will be less, strain on the employees will be reduced through which cost conscious with quality standards are being inculcated in the minds of the officers and employees. Cabinet and other materials send for painting/powder coating and send the finished cabinets/boxes either to stores or directly to the assembly section depends on the situation. B. TRANSFORMER SECTION Manufacture transformers as per specifications and test each one of them for in house requirements as well as for customer satisfactions in all respects. To maintain the machinery and instruments to meet the required standards. C. PCB SECTION Assemble and test all PCBand#65533;s as per drawings and test specifications to obtain the required function expected. D. CABLE MAKING The engineering department provides drawings of the cables which are a bunch of wires of different colors and different sizes, which connect all the components fitted in the equipment. This section will make cables according to drawings. Because of premade cables wrong wirings are avoided and also the color coding of cables will reduce the process time through out the assembly stage. E. EQUIPMENT ASSEMBLY Assembling the equipments strictly as per drawings/requirement and test each equipment in all spheres in order to certify 100% perfection. F. INSPECTION Inspecting and certifying all equipments before the products were cleared for despatch. Maintaining testing instruments and equipments. G. QUALITY ASSURANCE Follow the standards strictly to take care of the quality control aspect and implement suitable actions that are necessary to ensure quality.

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Alarms, Burglar/Intruder/Security | Inverters, CFL | Inverters, Power | Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS) | Transformers, LT power

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Address: L-8/12, Electronic Industrial Estate, (Opp Hosur Bus Stand) Hosur, City: Hosur State: Tamil Nadu Pincode: 635109 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Alarms, Burglar/Intruder/Security

Inverters, CFL

Inverters, Power

Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS)

Transformers, LT power