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Kishan Flour Mills Campus, Railway Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250002

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20 million
ANANT ENTERPRISES is a name synonymous with design and manufacture of high quality wound components like transformers, coils, chokes, inductors, solenoids and AC-DC adaptors. We develop and manufacture the following: WOUND COMPONENTS FOR SWITCHING MODE POWER SUPPLIES (SMPS) These include line filters, switching transformers and inductors. Line filters may be EE or UU or toroidal core based. Switching transformers may be RM core, pot core or EE core based. The switching frequency may vary from 16kHz to 100kHz. HIGH FREQUENCY HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS High frequency high voltage transformers are made as usual using ferrite EE or ETD cores, potted or encapsulated. SENSING TRANSFORMERS 16kHz signal sensing transformers for use in EPABX or PCO machines. Others Transformers: Impedance Matching Transformers Signal Distribution Transformers - generally used in EPABX systems for transferring signals on multiple lines economically. Pulse Transformers - the time period may be large (400cps) or small with high frequencies of several MHz; the secondary voltage may be small (for transmitting pulses in communication) or large (several kilovolts for a switching transformer in high voltage supplies). Power Transformers - 50/60cps, toroidal type, pin type (PCB mountable) and clamp type. COILS / INDUCTORS Air core type. Ferrite core type - EE core, RM core, pot core, toroidal core, drum core or rod core, axial or radial. ADAPTORS SMPS type. Linear type.

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Address: Kishan Flour Mills Campus, Railway Road, City: Meerut State: Uttar Pradesh Pincode: 250002 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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