Boolean Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

IPC 27, DSIDC Computer Complex Scheme 1, Okhla Phase-2., New Delhi, Delhi 110020

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Manufacturer, Service Provider
Incorporated with a vision to provide innovative solutions at a much reasonable cost and flexible model, Boolean reflects it capabilities in its every design. With the very good hold over the technologies and domain expertise Boolean proves itself as a reliable and dependable resource for any manufacturing and development team. Boolean is a service provider, but to serve varying size of manufacturing organization, Boolean also provides OEM solutions from its partner companies. Boolean has exclusive tie ups for different categories of products with different manufacturers. These manufacturing partners are primary the technology licensees of Boolean Micro systems P Limited for specific category of products. Boolean automation services include the use of both the customized hardware and off the self Solutions, like PLCs and dedicated industrial PC products. Despite of technology development and licensing services, Boolean also provides services in various engineering domains like Quality control support, Design Audits, Domain consultancy, product promotional support, corporate training and project management support

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Address: IPC 27, DSIDC Computer Complex Scheme 1, Okhla Phase-2., City: New Delhi State: Delhi Pincode: 110020 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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