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  • Prastar

    Profile: Manufacturer (OEM, Manufacturer, EMS, etc) and Service Provider (Service Provider, System Integrator, etc)

    Address: A-1 , Plot P-102 , MIDC Hingna , Nagpur, Maharashtra 440016

  • Salasar Inc.

    Profile: Manufacturer (OEM, Manufacturer, EMS, etc)

    Address: D-336, TTC Industrial Area, Thane-Belapur Road, Turbhe Naka, Turbhe, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400705

  • DS Lighting Technology

    Profile: Trade Channel Partner (Reseller, Distributor etc) and Importer

    Address: Shop No: 104 /105, 1st Floor, Gandhi Bhavan, 6 Chunam Lane, Lamington Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

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